This past year, we were so proud to welcome guests from near and far to the Halifax Convention Centre, which served as the backdrop for many important conversations and meaningful events that impacted our community, our Province, and the world. 
Our team at the Halifax Convention Centre was ready for the thousands of visitors and guests who attended events with us. The skill and expertise of our teams helped us deliver major events with major impacts: this past year, we exceeded our own expectations for our business and our sector. We were so thrilled to see our downtown core vibrant with activity and energy, and we were also so happy that our neighbours and partners – from hotels to hospitality, from airlines to artisans – were bustling once again. 
At the Halifax Convention Centre, we believe that events play a vital role in bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging that has positive impacts on the community. To this end, we hosted a dynamic mix of local, regional, national, and international events that reinforced the value and impact of what we do. We also strive to be an inclusive, welcoming space, and this year we turned those aspirations into plans. 
We are so proud of Nova Scotia, and we demonstrated this commitment with our enhanced Local Program, including new partnerships and a locally inspired menu that showcases more than 70 producers from across the province. Through this program, we continued to create authentic Nova Scotia experiences for our visitors and guests, which invites them to return to our Centre and our amazing city again and again. 
We look forward to continuing the momentum of this past year, and we will continue to create lasting impacts for Halifax and Nova Scotia through the events and guests we host.

Carrie Cussons
President & CEO